Learn About the Effects of Child Corporal Punishment and it’s Devastating Impact!

Proposed on 1/23/2019 Congressional Bill H.R. 727 calls for the banning of corporal punishment in schools.
Please view this Bill and support it!  » View this Bill

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS:   Since this book was published in June 2014, in that same month another attempt House Bill 5005 has been proposed again. » Read More

AUTHOR UPDATE:  1/16/19: David Cooperson presented on the topic of stopping child corporal punishment at the Program in Psychiatry and the Law (PIPATL) for a group affiliated with Harvard Medical School. 

There have been several bills over the last few years that Congress rejected to make school corporal punishment illegal

  • In 2010-2011 HR Bill 5628 rejected
  • In 2011-2012 HR Bill 3227 rejected
  • In 2013-2014 HR Bill 5005 rejected
  • In 2015-2016 HR Bill 2268 rejected
  • In 2017-2018 HR Bill 160 rejected

SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!   Congressional bill H.R. 2268 calls for the banning of corporal punishment in schools. Please send a message to the Chairman of the committee, the Ranking Member and a select group of senior members that this Bill must pass.  » View and SIGN the Petition

URGENT:   Congressperson Alcee Hastings has reentered a bill in May 2015 ( HR 2268) to make school corporal punishment(usually paddling) illegal in the 19 where it is still legal. This bill was entered three times in the past few years but the Education and Workforce Committee under John Kline refused to send it to Committee as a step toward passing the bill. Please contact the committee and John Kline to advocate for the bill.  » View H.R. 2268 with Call to Action Links

IMPORTANT UPDATE: BOOK ACCEPTANCE!  The Holocaust Lessons was accepted to be in the Yad Vashem Library in Israel which is part of the most influential, scholarly Holocaust Museum in the world.  » View acceptance letter

Passing of an Unsung American Hero in the Uphill Climb to Protect Children

Jordan Riak, a monumental advocate for children, age 81, passed away in early April 2016. He for over 40 years has battled to end the legal physical punishment of children in
schools , usually with paddles. He began Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education. He was so upset that children were being paddled at his child’s school decades ago that he grabbed the paddle that they had hung up in the principals office and took it away daring them to call authorities. He was instrumental in fighting for and drafting the law to end physical punishment in California Schools a couple of decades ago. He began an encyclopedic website projectnospank to present volumes of research, newspaper articles and educational clippings on the subject.

When I retired from a career of over 30 years as an administrator in one of the largest public child protection agencies in the US and as a child and family therapist I was
appalled by the lack of laws in the US protecting children from physical punishment and sent him some articles I had written. To my surprise he, who was interviewed and quoted
often,  called me and spoke for about an hour on how I could help. He also put one of my articles on his website that was amongst the thousands he had accumulated and
documented. He wrote letters all over the nation as well to protect children from physical punishment.

He was an inspiration and role model who was a tireless, skilled, and fierce advocate for children.

Thank you to someone whose heroic actions for children are beyond words to describe.

From The Author

I often speak to professionals such as teachers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, the legal community, psychiatrists and social workers about schools, in over a third of our states, where it is legal to paddle children as punishment. The most common reactions by far are disgust, disbelief, and shock that this is still occurring. This is a sad commentary about those charged with protecting children either not knowing or denying this dangerous situation.

The Holocaust Lessons on Compassionate Parenting and Child Corporal Punishment tackles these issues from a failure to learn the Holocaust research about humane care of children that is a golden treasure that is basically ignored or denied. The book also tackles common everyday occurrences, laws, and behavior patterns that are curious as well in terms of distancing ourselves from children’s safety and best interest issues.

Benefits of This Book

How to Protect Today’s Children

If the public advocates for an ultimate end to school physical punishment (usually paddling), which is still legal in 19 states here in the USA, the children will be safer. Also, this book may very likely have people rethink some of the punishment methods used with their own children. This is definitely a win-­win situation.

How Future Generations of Children will be Safer

Children raised in a compassionate parenting style without physical punishment will, according to research cited in the book, will be less likely to be bullies , and less likely to pass on domestic violence . These 30 years of research demonstrate the lifelong effect on the brain, physical and emotional health and even length of life.

Crucial Lessons to be Learned from the Holocaust

Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Germany received no or little physical punishment as children vs. non-rescuers. Lessons of the Holocaust learned by this country was to make physical punishment illegal in the school and home. Hopefully the US will follow. Never Again meaning Never Again; does not come without new learning from the past.

Compassionate Parents and Nonphysical Punishment

Children deserve the most skillful and humane treatment and there are many examples in this book of clinicians and researchers alike who have developed some very positive parenting techniques. This is just a small sample of the new learning and resources waiting for all of us to be ready to listen and learn.

How to Reach Advocates for Children

This book cites many such advocates, individuals and agencies,that are waiting with open arms. The information is out there and in this internet age we can find countless other community and national organizations who have been through experiences and learned the benefits of compassionate parenting.

Rewards of this Path to Being a Mensch

It is humane and honorable to stand up for others that need protection and the book has many examples of those individuals who chose to protect children in even the most trying times. A mensch (Jewish/Yiddish term for a caring, empathic person) is not far from being an angel but requires action to be real.

Discover Methods for Change to Improve the Health and Happiness of Children!